T2N is an extension of the TREES toolbox providing an interface between Matlab and compartmental modeling environment NEURON.

Available downloads:

[Github repository]

[download zipped T2N from Github]

[download zipped T2N version from paper]

[download zipped T2N granule cell model]

[readme for T2N granule cell model]

T2N provides:

  1. Full TREES functionality to position mechanisms in NEURON and to readout states as a function of morphology.

  2. Distribute NEURON simulations on multiple cores.

  3. Generate compartmental models that are stable over a broad range of reconstructed as well asand synthetic morphologies.

"Beining M, Mongiat LA, Schwarzacher SW, Cuntz H, Jedlicka P (2017). T2N as a new tool for robust electrophysiological modeling demonstrated for mature and adult-born dentate granule cells. eLife e26517."

developed by Marcel Beining

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