CNS*2013 workshop, Paris, July 17

2nd workshop on
Dendrite function and wiring: experiments and theory

Hermann Cuntz
Michiel Remme
Ben Torben-Nielsen


Neuronal dendritic trees are complex structures that endow the cell with powerful computing capabilities and allow for high neural interconnectivity. Studying the function of dendritic structures has a long tradition in theoretical neuroscience, starting with the pioneering work by Wilfrid Rall in the 1950ís. Recent advances in experimental techniques allow us to study dendrites with a new perspective and in greater detail. For example, dendritic function can now be studied in awake, behaving animals. Also, owing to the precise characterization of neural circuits, the role of the single dendrite can be studied in the context of its connectivity. The goal of the workshop is to provide a resume of the state-of-the-art in experimental, computational and mathematical investigations into the functions of dendrites in a variety of neural systems.
Hosted at the CNS*2013 Meeting, Paris
Date: July 17 2013.